March 6th, 2019

Evans Highway Dept Solar

Evans Highway Dept Solar From Google Earth

In 2015 the Town of Evans was one of the leaders in Erie County as far as Solar Installations, The Solar installations on our Municipal Buildings in 2015 have saved the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars on the Electric Bills, Last year Supervisor Hosler wanted to remove the panels off our Highway Dept and not reinstall them after the new roof was put on. Thanks to Councilwoman Macko and the audit she did on the building proved to the public was given misinformation by our Supervisor and the System was reinstalled.
Since this administration has taken over in 2016 the Town of Evans has dropped from being a leader in renewable energy to almost dead last. Farmers and other property owners have lost the opportunity to make tens of thousands of dollars each on leasing part of their land for Solar Farms. These farms would have brought cheap, clean renewable energy to our homes and businesses. Perhaps if New Era would have had the opportunity to use solar power they might have stayed but the Solar Moratorium the town had for years stopped them. New businesses such as the owners of Suncliff last year were denied the opportunity to use solar or wind to supply power for their business.

Instead we in Evans are purchasing our power from the Windmills and Solar Farms in Hamburg, Lackawanna, Batavia, Chautaqua County and the rest of Erie County. Today there are now thousands of solar installations in Erie County and less than 50 are in Evans.
This law that is before us today will deter Economic growth, Residential installations and help contribute to global warming. While the rest of Erie county is looking out for the future of our children this Administration is looking at the character of our town with a “not in my backyard attitude.” The recent survey taken on renewable energy in our town showed that over 2/3 supported it. To pass this law would be another reason for both businesses and residents to leave our town because of over regulation and fees.

William J Henry

Chairman of the “Friends & Neighbors Advocating Better Green Living”